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Vintage Port |  1960-1970

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Wine descriptions using "A", "B" etc refer to our stock reference and do not infer any particular quality.
Robert Parker tasting scores (out of a possible 100 points) are indicated as: (RP 95) etc.

Vintage Port - 1966

- A good drinking vintage
Unless stated otherwise all Vintage Ports hereafter have original labels

Vintage Port - 1970

-The weather was perfect and very great wine was produced.
An undervalued and exceedingly good year; at its best now, or soon.
1970 Cockburn SALE!

1970 Cockburn SALE!

Bottle size: bottles
Description: just below join of neck and shoulder, very good label, vintage on lead capsule, (B)
Odds: 1 available at 65 each
Bottle B